Does having a child with ADHD cause chaos in your family?


Are you disappointed in your child’s inability to succeed at school when you know that s/he has talent and intelligence?


Are you looking for solutions that do not require use of stimulant drugs?


Do you have the feeling that there must be a way to solve these problems naturally, if you only knew how?



I offer an individualized approach to treating ADHD naturally that is effective, gentle, and non-habit forming. This approach goes a long way to solving the problem, rather than medicating the symptoms. Each child has a unique combination of symptoms and needs a customized treatment plan which may include homeopathy, nutritional medicine, supplementation with vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and a behavioral support system to address their individual issues.




  • I have seen children working independently within weeks of starting natural cures for their ADHD.

  • I’ve seen children catch up with their peer groups – often after being 2-3 years behind!

  • I’ve heard parents say that their house is quiet – strangely, wonderfully, peaceful and quiet!

  • I’ve heard reports of children no longer being left out socially – they’ve learned to connect with other children appropriately, successfully.

  • I’ve seen children glow with the satisfaction and pride of knowing that they are succeeding – their teachers are happy, their parents are happy, they are happy!



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  • Daria says:

    Hello Beth!
    Where do you treat your patients (I mean in what country)?
    I live in New Zealand and have two kids with ADHD and try to study natural medicine when have free from kids time, but I know that they need to be under the view of good natural practicioner, although I try to follow the common recommendations concerning the lifestyle of my special kids. I don’t know how to choose a good doctor and I am afraid to make some mistake choosing some wrong way.

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